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Perhaps Honest Man Blues isn’t the most apt title for Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra’s latest single. It may well be about the trials and tribulations of the honest working man but it’s done in such a typically jaunty fashion, combining the happiest end of the blues with classic Louisiana swing, that you think “bop” or “hoe down” might be more appropriate. It does, though, contain a little bit of quick witted social commentary, taking a bit of a¬†pop at politicians and bankers alongside its sun-filled melody.

As is befitting such a tune, Honest Man Blues is accompanied by a very colourful and extremely fun video that sees the Tea Pad clad in a combination of denim overalls and 80s power suits to juxtapose the differences between the ordinary working man and those in power. Seeing the members of the Tea Pad sampling drinks of all kinds is pretty humorous (Rob’s face after trying a rather odd coloured cocktail is priceless), while the clever use of split screen showcases the divide between the classes and makes for some pretty¬†interesting imagery. Take three and a half minutes to enjoy its burst of sunshine; it’s sure to brighten your day.

You can watch Honest Man Blues below. Keep up to date with what Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra are up to on their official website.

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