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What’s comedy all about? Some think it’s about one-liners and cheap laughs. But there’s a deeper purpose that some performers weave into their work: to hold a mirror up to society and poke fun at its more ridiculous – and sometimes incredibly shocking – aspects. Welsh-born singer-songwriter Roshi Nasehi is delving into such experimental territories with her new Arts Council supported show, Ramalama Ding Dong, which comes to Star & Shadow Cinema on Saturday 9th July.

The Iranian folk pop artist has long been well versed in creating sound art with a focus on social commentary, and now her sights are set on a new form of creative work. This latest venture incorporates her tried and tested musical creativity with stand-up performance to tell her own story of growing up as a child of two heritages. Everyday experiences of bigotry are endemic in our society, but instead of letting them get her down too much, Nasehi has opted to transform her negative encounters into story times that could entertain as much as they educate and inform. Those in her audience that recognise themselves in her words get that chuckle of relatability, those who don’t might find it to be an unexpectedly eye-opening experience embedded in an evening of music and storytelling as they delve into a narrative from outside of their regular bubble.

Ramalama Ding Dong by Roshi Nasehi is performed at Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle on Saturday 9th July.

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