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Have you ever written a letter of complaint? Putting pen to paper to express your disgruntlement is becoming something of a dying art in this technological age, where we can air our more bitter opinions on Twitter or Facebook. Rachel Reupke’s new instalment, Letter of Complaint, focuses on that dying art in a delicate and somewhat loving tribute.

In Reupke’s work, three characters put pen to paper to slowly but surely reveal their banal, absurd and occasionally harrowing causes for complaint (as well as a bit of a fetish for writing equipment like pens and inkwells). Combining anachronistic furniture and technology with bright filters and garish make-up within tightly composed frames, Letters of Complaint looks at the spectrum of the art and examines the expressive properties of stillness and awkwardness.

Rachel Reupke’s Letter of Complaint comes to the Tyneside Cinema Gallery, Newcastle from Friday 6th March until Sunday 12th April.

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