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Music can be introspective for many musicians, using their creative prowess to express things they otherwise may be unable to. For Rachael Jean Harris, it’s the outside world which fuels her music. Harris encounters someone who tells their story, or witnesses an important event, and inspiration springs from it until she immerses herself completely in a new, unfamiliar world. Those whose lives have been hidden from view interest her the most: women and children surviving in conflict zones, those living in the confines of incarceration, people who go underrepresented in most other forms of media are embodied in her music.

Dulcet acoustics, grungy rock and melodic jazz vocals immortalise these experiences in music which seeks to bring their existence to the forefront of our minds. She asks more questions than provides answers, intriguing and engaging with her audience not just to hear her music, but to listen to the stories it tells. Witness Harris’ beguiling biographical emotive music at Newcastle’s newest venue, Bobiks, on Wednesday 14th August.

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