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The People’s Theatre in Newcastle might be closed until September, but it hasn’t stopped them producing great drama behind the scenes. Queers, is one of these productions and will beamed directly into your homes courtesy of the internet from Tuesday 6th – Saturday 6h July. 

The show, which has been delayed due to lockdown, is a series of monologues celebrating the evolution of social attitudes in British gay history, from a young soldier returning from the First World War recollecting a love that he dares not speak its name to a groom to be preparing for his wedding one hundred years later. It was commissioned in 2017 as part of the BBC’s “Gay Britannia” series to mark the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Sexual Offences Act.

Curated by actor and writer Mark Gatiss (‘Doctor Who, ‘Sherlock’), these poignant, funny, tragic and celebratory rites-of-passage stories cover major events such as the 1957 Wolfenden Report, the HIV/AIDS crisis and the legalisation of same sex marriage. 

Tickets are only £10 per household and available via their website.

Photos by Jack Thompson

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