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Image by Duncan Bellamy

It’s been over a decade since Portico Quartet first made waves with their inimitably enthralling, Mercury-nominated debut, and yet, they somehow still manage to sound like nothing you ever heard before.

Steeped in stirringly moody minimalism, the London-based outfit’s meticulously crafted soundscapes will come to the fore at their Sage Gateshead gig on Friday 8th November, where they’ll serve up a lushly piquant medley of vividly divergent yet subtly complementary flavours and textures that, on the face of it, shouldn’t work – think the musical equivalent of avocado, kimchi and cheddar – but, when properly combined, create something truly exquisite.

At the risk of overstating the obvious, a big part of the band’s not inconsiderable charm comes down to its progressively expansive (not to mention chameleonic) palette, which breezily oscillates between an incisively honed acoustic core and a mellifluous bevy of entrancing electronic accoutrements – case in point, both Offset’s punchy jazz tones and the sensuously modulated groove of Ruins.

And, given the undeniable concinnity of their engagingly immersive oeuvre, it’s small wonder that they’ve not only been compared to the likes of Radiohead and Efterklang, but also namechecked as influences by everyone from Alt-J’s Joe Newman to electro-soul crooner Jamie Woon.

Not bad at all for a sonic journey that began with busking on the mean streets of Southbank.

Portico Quartet play Sage Gateshead on Friday 8th November




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