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I’ve been┬áreliably informed by some American acquaintances that April is their National Poetry Month. It doesn’t really matter that we’re on the other side of the Atlantic, that’s still reason to celebrate the magic of words, stanzas, and unusual constructions. Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me then as much as you like reading a bit of Byron or Shelley, sometimes you might be a bit mystified by the oblique nature of it all. Luckily, poet and musician Conrad Bird is on hand to provide three weekly workshops at the Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle to help those of us who are a bit, shall we say, poetically challenged.

The first workshop, taking place on Monday 13th April, will explore the physicality and internal rhythm of the language of poetry. A week later, the workshop will focus on myths and legends that are the cornerstone of our cultural inheritance (get ready to break out your copy of Homer’s Odyssey). The final workshop will focus on the process of criticism and re-drafting. Don’t worry though, it’s guaranteed to be a friendly environment filled with constructive criticism and helpful pointers on how to improve your very own verses. Is there any better way to spend a few days during an adopted poetry month? I can’t think of one.

The poetry workshops take place every week from Monday 13th April for three weeks at the Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle.

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