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Fuzzy garage rockers Pit Pony are set to play a rather unique gig at Victoria Tunnel in the Ouseburn tonight. The show serves as a single release party for new track Osaka, out today. Here, the band talk us through what inspired the new single.

JACKIE: I won’t go too much into it but Osaka was born out of an awkward situation. We go about our lives thinking good things and bad things about others all day and we accept them for both but we hear someone say ONE bad thing about us and the world ends. What about the other 100 good things they think though? Too bad! We don’t like to be criticised. We have double standards, I think. We’re too sensitive.

I suppose writing the lyrics to something can be therapeutic in some ways so this one’s (selfishly) served that purpose as well.

Misinterpretation is the main point of the song and not feeling you’ve explained yourself which is hopefully something most people can relate to. As humans i think we agonise over things we’ve said/done but in the end we have to move on. Most of the things we’ve written recently have had a nod to the nuisance of social media image in them as well so ‘you pose, i post/i pose, you post’ brings that into Osaka. 

We misinterpret all of the time through assuming social media is real life. Y’know, it really does all mean nothing…but we can’t stop doing it! 

ANDREW J: In terms of music – Osaka was conceived almost by chance. Like Jackie I find writing a therapeutic process, but often self-doubt means sharing these ideas can be pretty daunting. I’m very much influenced by musicians such as Billy Childish, Charlie Megira and (early) Ty Segall who seem to churn out new ideas and material constantly. With Pit Pony I feel we’re very open to sharing new ideas as well as supporting and encouraging each other to do so. While the music is the atmosphere, Jackie provides the context with the lyrics/melody.

The main chord progression was written on an old church organ we have in our practice room. It was an attempt to write a slow ballad “full of dread” – I recorded a guitar demo on an 8-track and when sped up, sounded like (in Potter’s words) “a total Garage Rock banger”. After showing the others, everyone wrote their parts pretty much on the spot and the structure just fell into place.

It felt like a moment when I found my place in the band, and it’s exciting to share that with people and not worry.

It’s also worth noting I’m a big fan of bands that have little “bits” in their songs. Bands like Spacemen 3, Thee Oh Sees etc have these subtle moments or sounds that provide a bit of texture – so hopefully people will pick up on that when they hear us play!

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