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Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are not a band you associate with silence. Walls of scorching psychedelic rock and crazed doom, perhaps, but not silence.

Silence, however, is what they’ll be producing for the rest of 2015, as the band are preparing to power down and go on a temporary hiatus until next year. It’s reassuring to know that they’ll be back, but for those of us who know what a potent force the Pigs are, how will we cope until then? There’s no phone line set-up yet for distraught fans clutching their cassettes of Psychopomp tightly to their chest, but surely there has to be some measure put into place to keep them going until we hit 2016. Right?

Fortunately then, the band have teamed up with promoters Leave Me Here to arrange one final blow-out before they go into hibernation at The Tyne Bar on Sunday 17th May. They’ve also got their siblings in sludge Big Fail roped in as a suitably rowdy support – and, in case you’re somehow still unconvinced, it’s even free entry.

Whether you’re a long-term fan getting your fix in while you can or an intrigued newcomer, you can expect a heavy, heady storm. Just turn up, get ready, and let the Pigs re-arrange your molecules.

Pigs x7 and Big Fail play at the Tyne Bar, Newcastle on Sunday 17th May.

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