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Newcastle University has a well-established tradition of painting. We only have to look at the work of influential lecturers Victor Pasmore and Richard Hamilton who pioneered Basic Design, a radical approach to training in arts schools, to see that the University was well ahead of the game. It begs the question of what does the future hold for artists at Newcastle University?

Phantasma is a one-day exhibition organised by Fine Arts student Sorcha McCole to be held at World Headquarters on Friday 8th May. It’s is a night which hopes to “bring awareness to other forms of art and emphasise not only their validity as art, but also how they allow art to be experienced in a new way” while also reaching out to new audiences. One of the main reasons that Sorcha created the exhibition was due to the increasing presence of performance and video artists at Newcastle University. She felt that there was an overriding misconception that fine art at university was all about painting and hopes this exhibition will prove otherwise.

The 20 artists featured are predominantly students at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities: curator Sorcha McCole will present both expressive drawings and video work; George Stewart, an illustrator that delves into the realms of the surreal; Charlie Dearnley, who will be performing a conversational prose piece; Petra Szeman, an animator showcasing a computer game-esque video piece; video artist Holly Wheeler offers her dream like interpretations, amongst many others.

Phantasma takes place at World Headquarters, Newcastle on Friday 8th May.

Artwork: Petra Szeman

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