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Image: Penguin Cafe, Arthur Jeffes image by Alex Kozobolis

If you watched a nature or travel documentary in the eighties or nineties you’ll definitely have heard the music of the Penguin Café Orchestra, but don’t hold that against them. Born from a literal fever-dream, the original PCO saw Simon Jeffes and a truly stellar line-up record a series of truly lovely albums, pulling in elements of chamber music, neo-classical, ambient, minimalism, African, folk and more. PCO ended with Jeffes’ passing in 1997 but around a decade later Jeffes’ son Arthur picked up the baton with Penguin Café, who operate in a similar but distinctive soundworld to the original incarnation and have released a handful of albums (mostly on Erased Tapes).

This year they re-released their debut proper, A Matter Of Life, in slightly amended form and are going on tour to promote it. The tour arrives at Sage Gateshead on Friday 23rd September for a show in Hall Two that is bound to be a gently repetitive delight.

Penguin Café play Sage Gateshead on Friday 23rd September.



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