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We’ve all been there. You pay £25 for a ticket to that play/gig/stand-up-show (plus the additional £2.50 booking fee) to see that play/band/comedian that you’ve heard so much about. You spend the whole week looking forward to it; eventually, the night comes and you queue up in the cold clutching your ticket in your frozen, chapped fist; you fork out another fiver for a warm can of cheap European lager, take your seat and settle in; the show starts; its terrible; you hate it; you hate every minute of it; you feel ripped off and you vow to never set foot in a theatre again and spend the following week telling everyone you know just that.

Luckily for us, in a bid to encourage its customers to take in a wider, more eclectic variety of performances, Stockton’s innovative ARC Theatre have come up with a novel way of eliminating this risk factor by introducing a ‘Pay What You Decide‘ scheme. This means that audiences can pay as little or as much as they can afford based on their income and their experience and enjoyment of each performance. Tickets will still be available to book in advance but there is no obligation to pay anything at all until after each performance, meaning that if you hated it, at least it didn’t cost you; and if you loved it, you definitely got your moneys worth.

Image: Too Much Too Young, one of the productions on offer (Friday 9th January) under the Pay What You Decide scheme

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