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Joint-best Chaser on The Chase, Paul “The Sinha-Man” Sinha is also a talented stand-up comedian. He’s currently previewing his Edinburgh show, Postcards From The Z List, which comes to Stockton this week, and he may or may not be wearing that horrible white suit.

Sinha is a self-professed “travelling gaysian (gay Asian, if you were wondering) delivering lefty liberal jokes,” as well as one of Britain’s best pub quizzers and a qualified general practitioner. The show will be “the usual mix of jokes, storytelling and social commentary” and will no doubt be thoughtful and erudite like his blog… but it’ll also give an illicit thrill simply because a Chaser is swearing and wearing normal clothes. There may well be a political side and could be more personal, as he promises to talk about “juggling the responsibilities of being an uncle and being in an actual relationship for the first time in twenty years.” Expect him to also have a chat about of his relatively newfound fame, as suggested by the show’s title.

Paul Sinha performs Postcards From The Z List at Stockton’s Arc on Saturday 20th June.

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