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Every single day we make decisions that will affect the course of our day. A lot of these decisions are small and seemingly inconsequential (your choice of breakfast, what to wear) but others can sometimes have much wider implications. Josh Coates’ Particles, an incredibly humorous and witty one-man play, sees Coates tackling with the issue of hope and if we can go back on the decisions we make.

On stage, Coates will tell and retell the story of a man who has wildly different days based on his decisions. Each decision he makes leads to a different ending in every retelling, meaning that the narrative never becomes repetitive; think Groundhog Day without Punxsatawney Phil. Between each retelling, Coates will also interact with the audience to demonstrate how their actions determine different outcomes in an attempt to try and change the world. Sound a bit heavy? Don’t worry; Particles is laced with humour and vitality, which is sure to make this thought-provoking and philosophical work one not to miss.

Particles comes to the Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Friday 24th April.

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