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Emotionally and mentally, sometimes we’ve all felt like we’ve been rooted to one spot. Whatever the reason, it just doesn’t feel like we can move on and that we’re stuck in a bit of a rut. Parked takes this idea one step further. What if, for reasons of sentimentality, you were actually physically unable to move from one spot?

It doesn’t sound like a storyline that would lend itself particularly well to a dance performance, but Flex Dance – an emerging professional dance company consisting of artists with learning disabilities – have taken the challenge on and are making Parked an innovative performance filled with creative choreography. Set in a colourful and tactile world, the production fuses contemporary dance with a strong and relatable narrative that shows off what the company can do as well as giving the audience the chance to experience a daring performance.

Parked comes to Dance City, Newcastle on Thursday 21st May.

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