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Artists Charles Danby and Rob Smith have collaborated on a project that is utterly fascinating, utilising and sound, light and visuals to create something that art should always be about; a one-off experience that you’ll never forget. It all takes place at The Northern Charter on January.

They utilise two video screens as the audience follows them through a forest in total darkness, using camera flashes to illuminate their journey through the trees, with the flash splitting from one screen to the other. With every flash, a sharp momentary image imprints on the retina and is fixed in the video as a single frame. An audio track recording their movements can be heard too, while the fleeting moments of visibility lead to the forest emerging and retreating with every glimpse. The forest is a representation of so much, and with every movement through it, it becomes bigger, multiplying in its role as folkloric metaphor, fictional setting and place of romantic enchantment.

With the two suspended screens being prefectly used, there’s also light sensors reacting to the flashes in the videos, which then trigger flash units in the space. The forest then encroaches onto the city outside, as the series of flashes become visible on the street, through the windows of The Northern Charter. This is one of those creations where a description of it like this one can only do so much, and really is a must go see experience.

Parallel Cipher : Projection Club with Charles Danby & Rob Smith is at The Northern Charter, Newcastle on Friday 29th January.

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