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Lairy Lambeth lads with the ability to cause a ruckus wherever they tout their feather-pinned trilbies and fling their frantic limbs, Palma Violets are a band determined to stir up a crowd and impulse their energetic ferocity, a quality they’ll be bringing to their gig at Newcastle’s Riverside on Thursday 26th November.

Having bounced back on the scene with second album, Danger in the Club, the rowdy four-piece return to tour the record on a 17-date UK extravaganza. Frontmen Chilli Jesson and Sam Fryer boast a partnership that rivals the Pete Doherty and Carl Barat union, violently charging at each other mid-stage, an abundance of grimacing and straggling spit. Their shabby, stapled presence sends audiences charging at them in a euphoric mayhem, passionate yet chancy, bodies being flung upon grappling hands as they surf into the depths of the rapturous crowds.

Palma Violets burst onto the scene in 2012, their first track Best Of Friends voted NME’s Song of the Year, and second track Step Up For the Cool Cats being awarded Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record in the World, catapulting them into the spotlight as the newest upcoming indie dreamboats. They were swiftly snatched up by Rough Trade, and churned out their debut album 180, charmingly named after the bedraggled studio where it was created.

A gaggle of punkish guitar licks reminiscent of The Clash, the occasional hum of harmonicas, and heartfelt lyrics disguised in a surly shriek of conjoined vocals, (such as “I’m gonna find myself a lady friend, and stick by her until the end”) resonate in a suburb of post-relationship heartbreak and post-adolescent madness. Palma Violets pinpoint the troublesome attitude of youth in a manner that appeals to many, an unmissable live act that is guaranteed to get even the most timid of folk in a riotous sweat.

Palma Violets play Newcastle Riverside on Thursday 26th November

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