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Having delighted audiences earlier this year at the Tyne Bar’s Isle of Tyne festival, Mancunian space rock troubadour Paddy Steer touches down at Newcastle’s Cobalt Studios on Friday 31st January, courtesy of promoters Wandering Oak.

A singular figure that rivals the most obscure of musicians in terms of eccentricity, Steer produces a hypnotic hybridisation of eclectic analogue sounds. Seated behind a mind-bending assemblage of self-made modulators, control knobs and seemingly endless reams of wiring, Steer crafts an aural concoction that spans the synthesiser pulsations of Kraftwerk, the dance funk stomp of William Onyeabor, and the otherworldly emanations of Sun Ra. As if this esoteric musical mixture wasn’t enough to delight audiences, Steer’s customary costume is a joy to behold in itself. Utilising a paper mâché head that looks like Frank Sidebottom rendered by CoBrA primitivists, seeing Steer live is akin to witnessing a musical alien: a glimmering apparition amidst the glowing LEDs of his machinery.

Supporting Steer are Newcastle’s The Smokin’ Coconuts, whose own blend of dance rhythms and visceral garage rock energy has earned them the plaudits of regional crowds, and Bert Verso, a Grey Tape in isolation with a penchant for musical hardware, whose sonic offerings recall Aphex Twin, intriguing and entertaining in equal measure.

Paddy Steer, The Smokin’ Coconuts and Bert Verso play Cobalt Studios, Newcastle on Friday 31st January


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