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Being human can often be a complicated business. For Inter-Acting Theatre Company though, these same complexities are the inspiration and driving force behind their practices. Unafraid to tackle everything from ethics, spirituality and relationships, they take the issues that affect us most and distil them into exciting, artistic expressions that unpack and illuminate different aspects of life.

Their new work Overcoming Overthought, coming to the Star & Shadow Cinema on Friday 14th December, is the product of weekly meetings of the participatory-led community group that have been taking place across the course of many months. Harnessing the connections that they’ve made with one another in the drop-in style sessions, Inter-Acting’s latest show presents an engaging, original narrative centring on the theme of mental health. Mixing together physical theatre, storytelling, comedy, improvisational elements and more, they put the spotlight on what it’s actually like to be diagnosed with a mental health condition.

Some of the participants in Overcoming Overthought have never performed theatre before and this will be their first ever public performance. Considering their fearlessness in their subject matter though, don’t expect any sudden bursts of stage fright. Instead, prepare for an intriguing, multi-disciplinary delve into the workings of the human mind.


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