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Image by Jumpei Yamada

Having opened their doors to Belgian hardcore oddballs Cocaine Piss last May, this month witnesses another gloriously left-field booking from Sage Gateshead with the visit of おとぼけビ~バ~ Otoboke Beaver, to you and I. Hailing from Koyoto, Japan, the quartet bring their chaotic wares to Hall 2 on Friday 21st February; further evidence that the venue’s reputation for formal sterility is, at best, an outdated one.

Purveyors of stupidly fast, turbo-charged punk surges – think Dead Kennedys, had they formed 30 years later on the other side of the Pacific – the group (whose name derives from a love hotel in Osaka) enjoyed a breakthrough 2019, capitalising on a decade’s worth of momentum with Itekoma Hits, a lightning-speed half-hour hurricane that’s snagged pockets of new fans across the globe. Underpinned by frontwoman Accorinrin’s manic verve and a kinetic, impossibly likeable girl-gang squall, its thrills are breakneck and borderline spasm-inducing; guaranteed to draw a gleeful grin whilst sending limbs flailing in every which direction.

In situ, meanwhile, are another East Asian delight in South Korean trio Drinking Boys And Girls Choir, whose melodic skate punk draws equal inspiration from alcohol and music scene politics in their hometown of Daegu. Forget the venue. Forget the fact it’s only February. This could very well be the best punk show you attend all year.

Otoboke Beaver and Drinking Boys And Girls Choir play Sage Gateshead on Friday 21st February



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