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Just as it was said that King Arthur, the once and future king, would return to his people in their time of need, Once & Future Band have embarked on their second UK tour, armed with a hefty dose of nostalgia and a starry-eyed vision of the future that pumps some much-needed hope into today’s uncertain times.

An agonising year and a half since their last visit, the Oakland four-piece are at The Cluny on Sunday 8th September, where they’ll be carrying prog rock’s legacy gallantly through 2019 with their acclaimed body of work so far. Highlights will undoubtedly come in the form of tracks from their self-titled 2017 debut: opener How Does it Make You Feel? sounds like a star ship’s team out for an intergalactic spin, with Jeff Lynne and Brian Wilson whispering advice at either side of the captain; Hide & Seek, another expertly polished diamond from that first album, is yacht rock from the year 2973, on a beach where the atmosphere is cold as hell, the ocean is silver as mercury, and the trip is smooth as a baby’s bottom. When they take us on journeys as far-out as this, it’s no wonder we’re ready to welcome them back with open arms.       

Once & Future Band play The Cluny, Newcastle on Sunday 8th September


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