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Image: Olga Prinku – Nature as my Thread at The Biscuit Factory Newcastle. April 2023

There are many different levels in the art of embroidery. For example, you could be bottom tier like me, who during lockdown would vaguely attempt to sew random words on a hoop with a basic kit from Etsy. Then there are those on the very top tier like Olga Prinku, an artist based in North Yorkshire who created the concept of flowers on tulle embroidery and even published a book on the method, Dried Flower Embroidery: An Introduction To The Art Of Flowers On Tulle, in 2021. Olga has had her art displayed in various exhibitions and media, including on Channel 4.

Olga’s website is as expected, absolutely beautiful. The line ‘Nature as my thread’ headlines her work, from large breath-taking tapestries of flowers inspired by her Moldovan heritage to elevated household objects that include an actual ‘dandelion clock – you really do have to see this one!

How fortunate we are then, that Olga has a solo exhibition coming to The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle with some of her displayed works available to purchase. As an added bonus Olga is also running a ‘Flowers on Tulle – Typography Hoop Workshop’ where you can make your own hoop with a letter of your choice and perhaps there will be a chance to absorb just a tiny seed of Olga’s talent.

Olga Prinku comes to The Biscuit Factory from Saturday 1st April


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