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Plenty of new bands have been saddled with the curse of being ‘the saviours of guitar music’ over the years: quite aside from the question of how one goes about saving that which is already (un)dead, or indeed whether such a course of action is even desirable, it’s a hell of a burden to place upon youthful shoulders.

October Drift are the latest in a long line of bands to have befallen the tag, but fortunately in the case the band give every appearance of being blissfully unconcerned with such expectation. Instead of banal grandiosity or laddish abasement, October Drift specialise in tough to the touch yet tender power rock to whirl up an overpowering sound that’s equal parts Ride and The National. Listening to singles like Losing My Touch, it’s hard not to think that they’ve come up with the kind of widescreen, metallic pop not heard since My Vitriol irrevocably lost the plot fifteen years ago.

Ahead of their appearance at Stockton Calling, the band head up a special The Kids Are Solid Gold showcase event at Jumpin’ Jacks with support from the melodic glitch-pop of Isle and Scottish garage rock revivalists The Van T’s on Friday 14th April – a very good Friday indeed for any indie kids out there.

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