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Sometimes, when satirical bands like the Iain Duncan Smiths come along and sing about benefit cuts, the notion of austerity can sometimes seem like a light-hearted joke. Unfortunately, it’s anything but light-hearted and the cuts are hitting some of the most vulnerable in society the hardest (a fact the Duncan Smiths do actually point out, to be fair). Disabled people in particular have come under some serious fire from the Tories; apparently a lot of them are workshy and just like being on benefits. Well, I think we all know that’s not the case. Little Cog are certainly one of the many who believe that the focus of the cuts should be elsewhere and so their new production Occupation looks at how everybody is affected by austerity.

The performance uses real life stories and is presented as a rehearsed reading, giving a more raw feel to the production. As the stories are conveyed to the audience, it’s hoped that those listening to the narratives will understand that it isn’t just the vulnerable who are being hit by the cuts but everybody. It’s set to be a thought-provoking new performance from a company who aren’t afraid to tackle society’s big issues.

Occupation comes to Arc, Stockton on Thursday 1st October.

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