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All the best musical ventures these days seem to be amateur ventures, run out of back rooms and garages by office workers and postmen. So it is with Endless Window, who are bringing us another killer line-up. And so it is with Wrong Speed Records, surely now one of the most essential labels in the country, giving us the good stuff on strictly DIY principles. This gig is Objections’ first trip to Newcastle but this ridiculously impressive trio have been here before in other incarnations. Formed in Leeds during The Awfulness, they are Joe and Neil from the now on-hiatus Bilge Pump and Claire from Nape Neck and they were always going to appeal to people who know about these things. So far there’s just been the one – immediately sold out – single on Wrong Speed, two sides of bass-driven, gloriously noisy post-everything greatness. And as excellent as that record is, the shows are even better.

Endless Window don’t mess around though, so you’ll also get Tyneside supergroup Irked (featuring members of all those other bands you like) and newcomers Pink Poison who threaten ‘absurd garage rock’ (Is there any other kind?).

Endless Window presents Objections, with support from Irked and Pink Poison, at The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle on Friday 21st April.

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