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What would you do with £205 billion? It’s a sum that’s difficult to fathom, one that we could only attain in our wildest dreams. If that sum did somehow manage to find its way into your bank account though, perhaps it’d keep you and your loved ones in a life of luxury. But maybe there’s also a way to use that money to contribute to the greater good of society. What if it was possible to build a utopian town?

Working alongside town planners and architects, with live feeds and lots and lots of Lego, writer and performer Jack Dean’s latest work Nuketown, which is heading to Stockton’s ARC on Thursday 24th May, is a meditation on public money and cities. He’s building a new imaginary paradise, one that’s equal in value to the Trident nuclear submarine replacement programme, and he’s inviting the public to help him finish off the project.

As a combined storytelling and art project, you’ll also be able to hear an epic tale that helps to bring the colourful, brick-based landscape to life. So grab your Lego and get building; £205 billion might be a bit out of reach, but a collective ideal of the perfect modern town definitely isn’t.


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