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“There is a horrific beauty to nuclear weapons because their workings are infinitesimally small but their impact is inconceivably big,” Gameshow directors Matt Ryan and Matthew Evans explain. “We wanted to find a way to explore the everyday human impact of something so enormous we can’t bear to think about it.”

Following its preview at Elevator Festival 2018, Gameshow’s Nuclear Future returns to Live Theatre as part of its UK tour on Friday 25th October, shining a light on how one person’s actions can lead to catastrophe for the whole planet. Nuclear Future is a shattering new play about the dangerous potential which sits quietly in bunkers across the globe, because can we really afford to pretend that nuclear weapons don’t exist? How do we explain to our children that the same energy that created the universe can rip it apart?

Current public conversation holds nuclear weapons as theoretical and distant, a problem on the other side of the globe. In this show, Gameshow places nuclear weapons in a human context: Astrid’s everyday life is just like ours, but her work and her PowerPoint slides bring Astrid and the audience into contact with the world’s most dangerous weapons as she assesses the risks and their consequences.

Using an immersive soundscape designed by Dominic Kennedy and Joshua Pharo’s experimental video-lighting technique, the audience is plunged into this terrifying world, using the imagination to create the unimaginable.

Nuclear Future is at Live Theatre, Newcastle on Friday 25th October

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