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Afro-beat, soul and dub mixed together in a blender with a touch of jazz and a pinch of reggae. Bake it all in an oven and you get Nubiyan Twist, the twelve piece band based between Leeds and London who are always willing to put their audiences in a euphoric mood. With their dub-infused grooves, uplifting brass section and soulful female vocals, the band have managed to gain a huge following, despite the fact that they haven’t released their debut album yet (it’s out this month, just so you know).

If you think that the smorgasbord of genres might turn out to be a bit of a gooey mess, then their show will undoubtedly make you think again. The fusion of genres is not only sublime but also thoroughly unique; where some bands only dabble in a couple of styles, Nubiyan Twist aren’t afraid to come up with dazzling new combinations and experiment with their sound in staggering new ways. To drag out an old cliché, there’s something for everyone in their music and maybe even some new sounds to discover.

Nubiyan Twist play The Cluny, Newcastle on Friday 13th February.

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