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Image L-R, T-B: Martha Hill, Komparrison, Kay Greyson, Eve Conway

Darlington’s Tracks are leading the way with their release of the first vinyl compilation album featuring all female North East artists. The Noisy Daughters launch event on Friday 17th May at Darlington’s Voodoo Café is set to showcase a smorgasbord of diverse musicians featured on the record, with all money raised from the sale of the LP used to support future female-focused events and workshops in the area.

Produced in collaboration with Butterfly Effect record label and BBC Introducing’s Rianne Thompson, the compilation includes tracks from local icons from the Toon to Teesside. At the launch show, Martha Hill, Komparrison, Kay Greyson and Eve Conway will perform, and the first 50 attendees will receive an exclusive bottle of Noisy Daughters beer!

Here’s our track by track guide to the release:

Martha Hill – Spiders
Edgy and seductive, this will be your new earworm. Martha’s gorgeously unique voice is enveloped with vibrant electric guitar and synth drums in this hooky track about anxiety. With a more electronic feel than her previous work, Martha is on the precipice of meteoric success. Definitely check out the video for this track online!

Kay Greyson – NCL
One of Kay’s darker, more hard-hitting tracks, NCL is a feisty fuck you to her hometown haters. Jammed with Kay’s usual biting humour, the lyrics bounce from playful to acerbic with each verse. A smart and assertive rapper, Kay has quickly earned the respect of the UK hip-hop scene. Her live shows bring the house down, a must see.

GGAllan Partridge – Eyesore
Rebellious electro punk party, GG Allan Partridge are an ultra-hip girl band for the modern age. With tongue-in-cheek, ballsy delivery Eyesore is a fun swagger into a colourful B-52’s-esque universe. With plenty of keytar and saxophone licks to shake a leg to, everyone wants to join their gang.

Blóm – Toxic Dependancy
Newcastle’s best loved hardcore female punk band, borne from the ashes of former three-piece Tough Tits. Toxic Dependency is a satisfyingly shouty feminist rumble. Hells’ piercing shriek meets sludgy guitar and unrelenting drums. Blood boiling, Blóm are mad as hell and they’re bringing a sizable mob of fans with them.

Eve Conway – Hunger
One of Darlington’s hometown artists, Eve Conway is going from strength to strength. Hunger is a growling sensuous track showcasing the confident vocal talent Eve is known for. This is a more produced, urban side of Eve than we’ve seen before and I’m looking forward to seeing what more she has up her sleeve.

Girl From Winter Jargon – Without Apology
Durham-based solo indie rock, Girl From Winter Jargon uses intricate layers and intriguing effects combined with impressive vocal clout in Without Apology. Accompanied by clustered array of expertly picked guitars, GFWJ throws a satirical look at modern culture whilst neatly sidestepping clichés.

Zarahruth – Great Escape
Another first-rate Darlington export, Zarahruth’s debut work is a multi-instrumental treat. Inspired by bluesy folk roots, the piano base of Great Escape swings through this smoky storytelling track. A gorgeously produced combination of roots and modern style, Great Escape wouldn’t be out of place on the Peaky Blinders soundtrack.

Komparrison – Repeat
A super-simple stripped back acoustic guitar and vocal harmony track and from this up and coming duo. Their voices are satisfying panned, creating a lush binaural experience. Originally known for their outstanding cover re-workings, this is a great start for Komparrison’s venture into original songwriting.

Jennifer Walton – At Last, Lain Is Free
Melty electronic ambience from Jennifer Walton. At Last, Lain Is Free features expertly curated retro-futuristic samples. Surrealist Lynch-ian vibes layer with atmospheric wash and undulating synth padding. Jennifer’s live work presents as performance art, and I love her production here. More please.

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