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“What were you wearing? How much did you drink? Cheer up love, it could have been worse.”

People mean well. That’s what we’re told. And we like to believe it. But when bad things happen, can we really that believe it’s true? In Anna Robinson’s new play, a fabulous, strange and bright telling of trauma erupts onto the stage at Alphabetti Theatre from Tuesday 22nd February until Saturday 12th March. No.9 is a story of ‘well-meaning’ assumptions from family and friends in response to assault, told through the perspective of a real survivor.

In a story of darkness, fear and shame, the play tackles trauma through a new lens. Bright and bold, weird and wonderful, laughter, dance, live music and wacky characters define No.9’s outburst onto Alphabetti’s stage. It’s a play about standing up to blame and rubbish feelings, and seeking the answer to the question we’ve all, at some point, asked ourselves: do people really mean well?

No.9 is performed at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle from Tuesday 22nd February until Saturday 12th March.

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