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Remember when lockdown first happened and everyone was like, “This is the end for artists and creatives, they depend on people going out and seeing their work and now that isn’t possible.” But then artists and creatives were just like, “We’ll just crack on creating and take the time we have in lockdown to utilise all this technology available and instead of you coming to our art, we’ll bring the art to you.” Well, this positive and resolute attitude is plain to see in Newcastle University’s MFA Fine Art 2019/2020: The Lockdown Show.

The academic year of 2019/2020 wasn’t the most ideal for students at Newcastle University with the global pandemic and let’s not forget the teacher’s union strikes beforehand, bringing their studies to a bit of a standstill. However, under the expert tutelage of Jane and Louise Wilson and a slew of other fantastic practitioners, the students kept on making, discussing and supporting one another and you can see the outcome of this creative spirit via the Newcastle MFA Fine Art website.

Featured on the website is work from Andrew Parr, Cody Sowerby, Ella Louise Jones, Eliot Lord, Genevieve Stone, Hsin-Yi Huang, Janice Palmer, Kirsty Woods, Lydia Bailey, Raphaella Davies-Brennan, Sara Jane Palmer, Sophia Juergens, Trish Hudson Moses, Valeriia Savina, Wan-Chen Chan, Wei-An Chen, Yu Zhu and Zenaira Mahmood.

Sophia Juergens 2020

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