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Image: Alexander Bone

A new collective of jazz aficionados are reprising the original Newcastle Jazz Festival for the first time in 25 years this month, with an event at Tyne Bank Brewery on Saturday 17th August which aims to showcase the best of the North East’s talent.

“There is a huge range of jazz inspired music happening in Newcastle at the moment – everything from early trad jazz, right through to very contemporary, cutting-edge fusions.” Explains organiser Michael Lamb. “This is a great opportunity to showcase it and build audiences for this event and others like it across the city.”

Their criteria for the Tyne Bank gig was pretty clear-cut from the start, with variety and regional favourites being key. “Zoe Gilby and Andy Champion’s voice and bass duo is a really unique musical experience, but it’s very relatable; Alan Law has Latin music running through him, so he brings a different slant to the line-up; Mark Williams Trio are currently on Northern Line, and their music is all original, more contemporary jazz; while Emma Fisk brings her Venuti-Lang inspired duo alongside James Birkett. Strictly Smokin’ Big Band play a huge range of big band music with a spectrum of the region’s top jazzers, and Middlesbrough’s Alexander Bone (who won BBC Jazz Musician of the Year in 2014) is at the top of his game already at such a young age, playing huge gigs across Europe.”

The event seeks to join the canon of established and well-respected promoters like Jazz North East, Jazz Co-op and Newcastle’s Jazz Café in the city, and also hopes to entice a wider audience to the scene. “We’re really keen on engaging people who aren’t usually into jazz. That’s part of why we’re doing the whole festival in one day, and in a single venue. Tyne Bank Brewery is a great venue – and we hope one that’s welcoming to non-jazzers and jazz-heads alike.”


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