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Clubs and venues might be closed during this pandemic but there is still a plethora of DJs and electronic musicians making some great music. Something that a local online radio station is aiming to shine a light on.

New Wave Radio is an underground electronic music platform based in Newcastle dedicated to creating a community and culture within the city by promoting up and coming artists from the area for the past year. Their podcast has been offering a platform from which gave young DJs a voice and let them discuss their musical journey and more recently has expanded to allow club owners, promoters and other figures within the industry to tell their stories. Despite the focus on the local scene the podcast has had guests from all over the UK and more recently New York, Paris, Saint-Petersburg and Lithuania. 

It’s goal is to create a community and culture within the city, which is something New Wave Radio’s Kieran Costello was keen to elaborate on…

“One thing that we are consistently trying to push is the community aspect of our channel and once a guest has been on, we will share any tracks or mixes they have released. We have built a network of artists which we have a good working relationship with and in a year when the pandemic has stopped the nightlife scene, we felt responsible to continue to promote any content these artists have been pushing.  

“This year we are trying to expand our content and instead of just doing podcasts, we will be collaborating with other platforms such as Ape-X and Wire NCL to produce more video-based content in the form of DJ livestreams and face-to-face interviews.”

To listen to the podcast, visit the New Wave Radio Soundcloud page.

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