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Photo by Jon Forster

A fantastic new video for Repeat, the latest single from groundbreaking North-East rapper Baron Von Alias and Dutch producer Arhat, has just been released and it is a visual treat. A fantastic piece of 3D animation, directed, created and animated by the producer behind Baron Von Alias aka Steesh. It has a real wow-factor and not since Dire Straits’ Money For Nothing, has a local act produced such a visual striking music video.

Steesh explains more. “The video as a lot of meaning and message buried within it, from the lyrical message of breaking out of the mundane everyday routine, that only you can create the future you want for yourself. To a slightly more creepy intense black mirror-esque spin on the concept as shown through the video. With the character being broken down by the groundhog day repetition he is stuck in, whilst his demons manifest, almost consuming him. Although all isn’t as it seems to be, and a glitch in the system reveals the truth to the Baron.”

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