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Jim is a performance maker. Rob is¬†currently working on a dairy farm in Germany. They also happen to be brothers who grew up in a remote house in Northumberland with no mains water, gas or electricity. Together they’re going on a journey between Newcastle and Kielder Forest, with a short detour to the house they grew up in. It sounds like an excerpt from a Coen Brothers movie but it’s actually the latest production by Action Hero, with a little help from Wunderbar,¬†which invites the public to share the two brothers’ experience as they walk across the country and follow the trail they knew so well as children.

Through the use of online maps and the ability to watch and listen to the conversations Jim and Rob have on the way, the audience can trace the brothers’ journey and learn more about their relationship. When they finally reach Kielder, Rob will show off some of his outdoor gear and they will talk about what it means to survive, both in the woods and the wider world. You’re also invited to join the pair as they sing some campfire songs and make food and coffee on the fire (baked beans, anyone?) It’s a road trip unlike any other and one that you can experience yourself, even if you’re not the hiking kind.

You can join Rob and Jim in Kielder on Saturday 19th September and on the morning of Saturday 20th September.

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