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Interiors are in vogue at the minute for artists. Newcastle Arts Centre recently started exhibiting Brian Ord’s latest work, Impossible Interiors, and now the Shipley is taking a look back at furnishings and utilities past and present in a new collection of painter Naomi Alexander’s work.

Alexander recently spent a short time working in Gateshead as part of a residency, during which time she created some of the works on display in new exhibition Domesticity. Aside from these works, the Shipley will also be showing off some of her past masterpieces from the last thirty years, as part of a collection that will examine the beauty of everyday life and the humble interior (in stark contrast to Ord’s display of unattainable utopias). The exhibition is also accompanied by a display of artwork by members of the local Jewish community, who worked extensively with Alexander during her residency in the town. It’s a chance not only to see Alexander’s work in the region, and marvel at her very detailed and intricate use of the paintbrush, but also the creative nature of people living in Gateshead.

Naomi Alexander’s Domesticity comes to the Shipley Art Gallery from Saturday 25th July until Saturday 31st October.

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