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Canadian-via-Berlin duo Nadja have been at it for more than fifteen years and twenty albums now, ‘it’ being variously described as ‘doom gaze’, ‘ambient metal’ or – my favourite – ‘dream sludge’; in other words soaring, feedback-drenched riffscapes occupying some glorious middle ground between Sunn O))), Black Cilice and My Bloody Valentine (although recent album Sonnborner saw them shifting towards something more like grindgaze). Being named in part for Elina Lowensohn’s character in the film of the same name would win them plenty of brownie points round my house, but they also produce music that is staggeringly beautiful whilst still embracing the doomier side of things (in Aidan Baker’s vocals, especially). Basically, they leave you feeling like Frank at the end of the first Hellraiser movie, so hails to the multi-headed hydra of Inverted Grim-Mill, Infinity Mirror and Panurus Productions who are bringing them to The Cluny 2 on Friday 30th August.

Providing support are A-Sun Amissa, a collaborative instrumental outfit who probably get called post-doom or blackened ambient in The Wire and make dense, beautiful drone metal that’s not unlike Godspeed You! Black Emperor in its use of strings and atmospheres. Lovely stuff. And there’s also wreaths, whose immersive drones and tones eased me through a crippling hangover a few years back and who recently released their second album through Inverted Grim-Mill/Panurus Productions. All this for a tenner, so you know where to be on 30th August.


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