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Cumbrian artist Richard Rigg’s new work seeks to explore the communication of information through images in a unique way.

His new work, which takes the format of a book, entitled N, builds layers of fiction over a staged event; a rock fall is staged using specially designed equipment in a quarry in Anglesey. Each detail of the rock fall is composed and photographed with the post-production stage in mind; images showing the event – ordinarily an unaided act of nature – are deliberately set in motion, in order for the artist to represent it in digitally constructed images.

Offering, perhaps, a new take on the ‘if a tree falls in the woods and no-one is around to hear it…’ theory, N call into question the representation of real life events through the process of translation.

The publication of N continues Rigg’s exposure of the everyday occurrences that pepper our lives, asking the viewer to reconsider the mundane and look deeper at individual objects and their meanings, in an often playful and minimal way.

The artist will be on hand at Newcastle’s Mining Institute on Tuesday 3rd May to discuss his work.

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