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Folk’s renaissance over the last decade or so has meant more and more bands join the scene, with the best ones standing out by putting a unique twist on the core principles of a sincere and earnest genre of music. Lau are one of those bands, with their tender folksy sound coming to The Witham, Barnard Castle on Saturday 6th February.

Lau combine the worlds of the traditional and the modern, with use of electronics as at home in their sound as an accordion or acoustic guitar. They manage to create tracks that are truly grandiose with just three instruments and a passionate voice; leading to something that is utterly hypnotic and mesmerising. Musically, Lau flow just the right side of adventurous, while a doth of the cap to the rich history of folk music is most welcome.

With support coming from the wonderful Jess Morgan, delicate and demure in the way she sings, the soft strums of her acoustic guitar match with this perfectly, for beguiling songs that feel like little snapshots of this fascinating soul.

Lau and Jess Morgan play The Witham, Barnard Castle on Saturday 6th February.

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