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Manchester-based theatre company Powder Keg’s latest show has a pretty knotty oxymoron of a title. Then again, it’s also a show that’s set to look ahead to the next general election in 2020 and predict what’s going to happen between now and then, which is a mind-boggling proposition in itself. Brexit could implode, Trump might win a second term, global warming could scorch the Earth, or perhaps we’ll all be communicating telepathically, living on the Moon and pigs might fly. Who knows?

Okay, so Powder Keg have a little bit more of a sensible approach to gazing into the crystal ball and seeing what lies ahead. As they bring Morale Is High (Since We Gave Up Hope) and a bunch of cathartic songs to scream along with to Northern Stage on Wednesday 15th November and Stockton’s ARC on Wednesday 22nd November, they explore the effects of popular culture and political policy as barometers for their intertwining narratives. What happens in these scenarios might also offer some perceptive insight into today’s current social climate and how day-to-day actions have an impact on our choices in the voting booth. Raw, anarchic and fast-paced, you’ll be left wondering just how much they actually get right. Mind you, they do have a time machine. That probably helps.

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