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There’s a lot of great noisy guitar music coming out of the North East lately, but if you’re looking for a significant change of pace, check out the new track from Teesside’s retro funk duo Moon Wax.

Sayonara coasts along breezily on a languid house groove, heavy kick drums anchoring patiently bobbing sub-bass and reverb-coated keyboard chords. Liz Robson’s diva backing vocals lend the song a blissed-out disco atmosphere, and it’s clear that the duo are heavily influenced by disco music, considering the Chic-esque syncopated, palm-muted guitar plucking rippling around the stereo field throughout the verses. It’s admirably pared-back, quite minimal, in some respects; the synths are wispy and ambient, and even the killer guitar solo is quite spare, more about timbre than pyrotechnics, recalling Miles Davis’ old adage about the best solos centring the notes you don’t play. The lyrics are admittedly quite cheesy, and occasionally the vocals veer towards the smoother end of the spectrum, but it’s cheesy in a weirdly comforting way.

It’s been so long since we’ve been able to let loose in a sweaty, packed club that these clichés feel pleasantly anonymous, a vital link back to the old world of dancing and fun.

Sayonara is out now


Moon Wax · Sayonara – Moon Wax

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