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Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes, Mommy sees recently widowed single mother Diane Després take on full custody of her 15-year-old ADHD son and looks at how both her and son Steve struggle to adjust to their new living situation. In French but with English subtitles, Mommy starts Friday 20th March at the Tyneside Cinema.

Burdened by Steve’s unpredictable and sometimes violent behaviour Diana befriends Kyla, their mysterious new neighbour. Kyla offers to help Diana in everything from homeschooling Steve to cleaning the house as Diana struggles to make ends meet. The love between Diana and Steve is undeniable throughout the film, even when Steve is at his worst it’s clear to see just how much Diana truly cares for him and, in the end, Kyla as well.

Mommy is funny, heartbreaking and brilliantly original thanks to its fantastic characters, touching storyline and so-uncool-it’s-cool nineties and pop music soundtrack.

Mommy begins screening at the Tyneside Cinema on Friday 20th March.

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