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Anyone who is familiar for searching for something intangible will identify with the work of Mitchel Proctor, a photographer highly recognisable in the field of social documentary, and how we determine cultural significance. Wanderers and travelers with a keen interest in photography will also find that the exhibition raises a lot of interesting questions. How do we feel as foreigners in strange lands, what is our primary motivation for putting ourselves in a different geographical context? What is it about being out of place, alienated or in an environment that provokes unease that motivates us? Why do things/situations seem more unusual or extraordinary when we are in unfamiliar territory?

Proctor’s photographs are a parody of photos we take in our travels – an exaggeration of the desire to find the exceptional. This retrospective represents an all-consuming search that raises the questions can the exceptional be found and can one’s feeling of being displaced be fully understood?

The preview event takes place on Thursday 27th August at 7pm, with the exhibition running at House of Blah Blah, Middlesbrough until Thursday 8th October.

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