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Punk bands aren’t supposed to last thirty-five years, and those that have are usually ugly, cynical ghosts of their former selves, trolling round the reunion gig and punk festival circuit, having long forgotten what made them great (if indeed they ever were) and with any political edge slipping into lazy reaction and boorish misogyny (hi there, The Dickies!). But MDC, short for Millions of Dead Cops, aren’t any ordinary punk band. Frontman Dave Dictor and his ever-revolving cast are still punk as fuck and still holding fast to the principles that inspired them in the first place (remember, this is the band that had the cojones to call out Bad Brains frontman H.R. for his homophobia way back when everyone else was lauding them).

The band haven’t exactly been prolific (three albums in a quarter century) but when they headlined Supernormal Festival last year – an inspired booking – they were still frantic and powerful, but also self-effacing and charming, and the whole place went batshit. Bands like MDC are rare and getting rarer, so when they hit Trillians on Monday 7th August in something close to their original line-up (supported by In Evil Hour), I think you owe it to yourself to show up.

Millions Of Dead Cops play Trillians on Monday 7th August.

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