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Image is Mick Peter Pyramid Selling at Tramway, Glasgow, 2015, photo credit Keith Hunter, Courtesy Galerie Crèvecoeur & Tramway

Let it never be said that an artist cannot master multiple mediums: for Mick Peter, it’s just another day at the office. Throughout his prolific career, the Glasgow-based sculptor has dabbled expertly across the realms of illustration and sculpture to create a host of scenes that strike as both playful and hauntingly brash. In his first UK exhibition beyond the Scottish border, the artist will take to the stark confines of Gateshead’s Workplace until Saturday 25th March to showcase a fresh body of work – one that truly transcends the realistic.

Titled simply ‘110%’, it’s safe to say that the nature of this exhibition has been left somewhat open to interpretation. Described by Peter as little more than a collection of sculpture, wall painting and ‘trompe-d’loeil’ (the art of optical illusion), it seems only natural that the artist – well-known for his deft amalgamation of gaudy 2D illustration and 3D sculpture – would continue to blur the boundaries of fact and fiction.

As with anything so ambiguous in tone, it’s pretty difficult not to be overwhelmingly intrigued by the mind-bending possibilities Peter presents within his work. For those who wish to find out more, it seems that a trip to Workplace is paramount.

Mick Peter’s 110% is at Gateshead’s Workplace until Saturday 25th March.

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