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British artists have forever had an affiliation with the ocean be it the seascapes of Turner or Lowry’s later life obsession with the Sunderland coastline. However, few have used 20 metres of sea-fishing net, beads, rope, weights, and floats to create their pieces. Until now.

Indeed, local artist Michelle Goulder, in her latest piece Some Days You Fish, Other Days You Mend the Nets, does just that. Having worked in sculpture and installation she has adapted and recycled everyday objects to construct her new installation that is to be displayed at Newcastle Arts Centre Museum & Gallery.

Her revivalist ethos has certainly informed her new work which is itself rooted in social and welfare issues, taking particular inspiration in the connection between basic needs and development of certain crafts. This interest has led her to the current piece which is an investigation of the making and mending of sea fishing nets. With the nets becoming a metaphor for development and regeneration, Goulder’s work is a fascinating dual insight into two seemingly contrasting crafts.

Michelle Goulder’s Some Days You Fish, Other Days You Mend the Nets comes to Newcastle Arts Centre from 20th August until 5th September.

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