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You could be forgiven for loving Michael CG as a fine, inspired, rock historian. His passionate channelling of his many muses – from Bowie, through Bolan and Byrne, via many more that this writer isn’t cool enough to have heard of – is unparalleled. However, to see him as such, you would be limiting yourself to 2D, a flat world. Looking at a sculpture from the front and missing the body and depth. Pop on those cardboard 3D specs and circle Michael CG and you will see: he just keeps on going. This is not just homage. Though if it was, it’d be a fine homage. His grandiosity is matched by his virtuosity, and then some. His enthusiasm for his heroes is such that he leaps from this genius to that revolutionary like he’s chatting manically to you on a stranger’s sofa after a few too many.

This whirlwind of hyperfanism coited to his own transcendent self gives birth to something new. In The Most Highly Acclaimed Horror Phantasy Of Our Time he is growing into this otherness. It has a special energy: restless, sprinting, skipping, lurching around corners. Hooks full of sass and layer upon layer of fuzzy fun. Less guitar-led than its predecessors, though it rocks no less for it, he’s flexing his musician muscles, from the brass fanfare of the chorus of Paper Plastic to the organ-led chaos of Heads Will Roll Pts. 1 & 2. However, guitars do step forward when called for. The creeping, stalking (in a playful, jaunty “he’s behind you” kind of way) bass and muted guitar duo of The Living People are joyfully theatrical.

This all results in an EP which is something that we are all lucky to experience and something that is sure to be soon not just ours but the whole nation’s and indeed the world’s! Doubt not, an ominous looking cartoon box labelled ‘Acme’ has been planted under Michael CG, and it is a case of ‘when’, rather than ‘if’ it will detonate!

Michael CG releases The Most Highly Acclaimed Horror Phantasy Of Our Time on 4th December

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