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An eclectic shock of bubblegum pop combined with velvety vocals in the disguise of an array of equally as kooky alter egos; Marina & The Diamonds return to Newcastle’s O2 Academy on Tuesday 24th November.

With her music career spanning over 10 years, the Welsh wonder has been a gradual rising star. Her roots go back to a 2007 Argos keyboard, on which she still composes her ditties, and a hefty number of West End rejections and stage school drop outs. Partly being raised in Greece due to her dual heritage, Marina was caught up in a swarm of cultural delight, the ‘Girl Power’ frenzy dominating the United Kingdom and the delight of traditional Greek folk songs inspiring her to create a dynamic sound for herself.

Marina’s vibrant stage costumes reflect her eccentric music style. From her debut character as relatively normal Marina with a retro twist, to the blonde bombshell Electra Heart, who she killed off as the finale of her second album, and the colourful character she is now portraying in support of her third release, Froot. The perfect combination of pop and indie, her four-piece band infuse catchy beats against her plinky keyboard style, and when matched with Marina’s dramatic vocal ability, capture the attention and hearts of thousands around the world.

Froot could potentially be Marina’s most dynamic release, with the title track still clinging to her flamboyant edge, but speaking in a far more personal tone than before. Tracks such as Gold are the type you’ll want to raise your iPhone torch for, and Blue retains the poppy element but with a more artistic imagery, her lyrics complex and meaningful.

Marina & The Diamonds have achieved the unattainable; the type of pop band you don’t have to blush about when your friends ask what you’re listening to, and the type of indie band that have created such a unique, noticeable image and sound internationally. Don’t miss out on your technicolour five a day.

Marina & The Diamonds play O2 Academy, Newcastle on Tuesday 24th November.

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