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Ever walked home at night and looked up at the moon and the stars and simultaneously felt overwhelmed at its vastness and in awe of its beauty, to the point your heart almost bursts? Well, that is the moment Whitley Bay artist, Dominic Smith looks to capture with his astronomical themed work.

For his latest project, he has begun producing a series of prints on one of the most mysterious craters on the Moon, Mare Orientale. Dominic, who has an analogue darkroom and large scale printing workspace at a studio in North Shields, will use satellite data to capture the crater digitally in three dimensions before printing out the image using a salt print technique (a photographic printing method dating back to 1830). 

It’s an ambitious and expensive project and so he is currently fundraising for materials on Kickstarter to create a set of giant, four foot wide prints. Here, he explains more about why he has launched the crowdfunding campaign.

“This work will combine modern digital technologies with historical photographic techniques to share a rarely seen part of the moon. I have already produced test prints of the moon using this technique and the results are breathtaking. 

Each print makes use of silver to make light-sensitive paper and gold to bring out the final rich tones in the image, but as you can imagine, it makes it expensive to produce. That’s why I have launched a crowdfunding campaign to make this work possible. But, what felt even more important was to use this campaign as a way of sharing this important piece of photographic history with others.” 

You can learn more about the project and donate to his campaign (which ends Tuesday 7th April) here

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