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 There’s a new exhibition coming to 36 Lime Street in Newcastle from artist Mani Kambo. Drawing inspiration from Janus, a Roman God, the works are set to look at beginnings and transitions. The exhibition will consist of a multi screen installation, creating an immersive, transient landscape. Objects within the space act as tokens from a journey like relics left behind from an ancient time.

Visually stunning, bold and striking images will appear and disappear causing the viewer to ask questions to try to work out just that bit more, as they’re invited to move around and explore other piercing visuals, and piece it all together like a map. 

Kambo has spent the last month experimenting in Praxis Gallery, Commercial Union House in the run up to her solo show at 36 Lime Street. During this time she has been collaborating with printmaker Nick Christie (Incubate Experimental Printmaking) exploring the use of light and cyanotype exposure on materials such as plaster, paper, fabric using OHP, Digital projection and natural light.

Most recently Kambo has been contemplating the place of myths and rituals in contemporary society, considering how traditions are passed on through heritage sites and memories. The Newcastle based artists whose practices are predomi predominately moving image based with sculptural and performative aspects, focuses her creativity on her own personal symbols from an upbringing filled with prayer, superstition and religious ceremony.

Mani Kambo’s Solo exhibition is on Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September at 36 Lime Street, Newcastle.

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